Hajr Group hosts NCCER Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program

As part of its application to become an Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), Hajr Group hosted the Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program (MTICTP) at THIEP training facilities on September 11-14, 2017. MTICTP is four-day training program provided by NCCER to certify individuals approved by an ATS to become Master Trainers.

Mr. Alvaro Marroquin, a master trainer from NCCER USA, conducted the training with a total of 13 participants.
All the participants become Master Trainers. A Master is an individual certified in accordance with NCCER's Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) for Master Trainers. A Master Trainer is the only person authorized to teach the ICTP for Craft Instructors and certify Craft Instructors.

Hajr Group is presently working on its application for THIEP as an Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS). As an ATS, THIEP will use NCCER curricula to provide training that will ensure the continued flow of skilled craft workers into the workforce. THIEP will initially offer vocational programs in welding, pipe fitting, scaffolding and rigging. Other programs Field Safety, Construction Technology, Safety Technology and Mobile/Heavy Equipment Operations will be offered soon. Trainees who will be registered in these programs will get NCCER Credential.